But Yeah
Two good Australian friends channel their mess of thoughts and ideas into ~45 minutes of interesting and humorous entertainment.
December 6, 2018

UNPAUSE3: Boy Problems

Hey folks it's Aemyn here again, to thank you for listening to Part 3 of our experimental meta-breaking narrative series we're calling Unpause. Please reach out to us @butyeahpod on Twitter or through any avenue you know us! More importantly, follow our collaborators for Unpause on Twitter and go listen to their shows! With so much thanks to: Kyle (The M Word, @mwordpod) Tracy & Rebecca (Paper News Out Loud, @realityoutloud) Hannah & Ben & Erin (Way Too Broad, @toobroadpod) Owen & Ismay (Think Of The Children, @totccast) Sammy & Ursula & Scott (Queer Dungeoneers, @queerdungeons) Mon (Lime the Hedgehog, @spoopymonmon_ on Twitter, Mon Wood on SoundCloud) James Anderson (@unabashedlyjames on Twitter) Lee We love you!