But Yeah
Two good Australian friends channel their mess of thoughts and ideas into ~45 minutes of interesting and humorous entertainment.
December 1, 2018

UNPAUSE2: Fourteen Rungs Of Regretti

Hey folks it's Aemyn here again, to thank you for listening to Part 2 of our experimental meta-breaking narrative series we're calling Unpause. We recorded this part in-person with three of the Queer Dungeoneers family, our good friend Mon and a laptop with Zeb's face in it that bluescreened halfway through. We are two thirds done, friends, so stay tuned for the next part which will come out... we don't even know that, but sooner than you think! Please reach out to us @butyeahpod on Twitter or through any avenue you know us! More importantly, follow our collaborators for Unpause on Twitter and go listen to their shows! Send so much thanks to: Kyle (The M Word, @mwordpod) Tracy & Rebecca (Paper News Out Loud, @realityoutloud) Hannah & Ben & Erin (Way Too Broad, @toobroadpod) Owen & Ismay (Think Of The Children, @totccast) Sammy & Ursula & Scott (Queer Dungeoneers, @queerdungeons) Mon (Lime the Hedgehog, @spoopymonmon_ on Twitter, Mon Wood on SoundCloud) We love you!